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CylindersHydraulic Pumps

CIS and Holmatro also manufacture an extremely wide range of hydraulic jacks, cylinders, hydraulic pumps, hand pumps, electric powered pumps, petrol powered pumps and diesel powered pumps, all of differing sizes and flow rates. The large range of jacks and cylinders cover single acting cylinders, double acting cylinders, pull cylinders from 1 to 1000 tonnes capacity. These all operate at 720 Bar working pressure. We also have a vast range of hydraulic components to compliment this range including hydraulic hose assemblies, hydraulic fittings, male and female couplers, gauges and adaptors.

These hydraulic jacks can be used in a wide variety of civil engineering applications such as, bridge jacking, cable tensioning, shipbuilding, ship maintenance, fabrication, workshop presses, ships propeller removal, nuclear decommissioning, flange spreaders, wedges, pipe squeezers, flow stoppers, puller sets Etc. The are also a comprehensive range of air bags for low height lifting application such as forklift trucks, quarries, petro chemical industry, ship building Etc.

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The Holmatro range of hydraulic cutters, either mobile or stationary, have been especially designed for use in the most harshest of environments and applications, such as car recycling, demolition, nuclear decommissioning, cable reclamation and recycling, sub-sea and offshore applications, general scrap reduction to name but a few. The tools are made from high-quality aluminium and steel, making the cutters powerful and yet very light. The pumps are available in electric or petrol versions, have been developed especially for mobile use. They are compact and lightweight.  A complete mobile cutter set consists of a mobile cutter, a mobile pump and a hose. Various accessories for the sets are available as well.

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Holmatro Industrial Equipment was established in 1967, and has been supplying and manufacturing high pressure hydraulic equipment as well as mechanical equipment for the shipbuilding industry. We have gained an understanding of the industry's high demands regarding the necessity for high quality, strength and durability. From the early construction stages to the actual ship launch, we offer reliable solutions to control and shift heavy loads in a safe and easy manner. These solutions include wedges for ship stabilization, mechanical & hydraulic pulling cylinders to pull ship sections together, cylinder sets for propeller removal & mounting, as well as custom-made ship launching sets.

Holmatro offers a wide range of hydraulic lifting, pulling, bending and cutting solutions for various industrial applications. This brochure shows just a few of the possible uses of our high-pressure hydraulic, pneumatic and mechanical tools. In reality there are many more.

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Air Bags

The immovable object meets its match in Holmatro’s new high pressure (12 Bar) Lifting Bags (HLB). Now you can have the flexible power to lift, shift or move from 2 to 95 tons ! With twelve models, there is a lifting bag for virtually any job. Thanks to their unique low profile edges, the HLB lifting bags can easily be inserted under all circumstances, even with a minimum insertion space available. The lifting bags unique design incorporates many new user friendly features, such as integrated vulacanised carrying handles and slider pads for ease of insertion. Download the brochure to view the complete overview of features & benefits.
The revolutionary non-slip design assures maximum grip on all surfaces as do they interlock when two bags are stacked on top of each other.

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HATS Weld Testing

With advances in automotive design and construction comes a requirement for auto manufacturers to test the improvements. Based on decades of experience in hydraulic spreader technology, Holmatro has designed an industrial spreader system, HATS, specifically for destructive testing use in the automotive manufacturing environment. It is constructed from high-grade steel and an emphasis has been placed on the durability (extremely high cycle counts) and ergonomics (reduced physical demands) of the tool. The weight of the tool is suspended from a unique rotating, compensating balancer.

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CIS Holmatro Foundry Wedges 2016

The Holmatro HFW hydraulic foundry wedge series has been developed to remove feeders and risers from castings and to eliminate this heavy and dangerous work from foundries. The design of the Holmatro foundry wedge is such that feeders and risers can be removed from castings much more quickly and safely, and with less effort than ever before, without damaging the casting itself.

During the design stage of the Holmatro® HFW foundry wedge, one of the aspects given emphasis by our engineers was the tool's ergonomics. They came up with a new concept: a tool that is able to rotate in every direction and under every angle! This means the operator can reach almost any feeder and riser without adjusting the position of the actual product, the casting. This obviously results in a more efficient production process. Last but not least, the ergonomic design also significantly reduces the physical burden on your work force.

The Holmatro HFW foundry wedge has received a prestigious Dutch design award. The "Stichting Goed Industrieel Ontwerp" (Foundation for Good Industrial Design) gave an award for good industrial design to the HFW. Apart from this "standard" acknowledgement, the Holmatro HFW was also one of only 5 products to receive a Special Award for Excellence! The tool's ergonomic and functional qualities received a special mention from the jury.

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System Components

Hydraulic fittings, hose assemblies, pressure gauges, gauge blocks, male & female couplers, manifolds, control valves, oils, lubricants etc. 

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