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SPX Bolting Products

SPX Bolting Systems are the go-to source for the latest hydraulic torque and tensioning technologies. SPX Bolting Systems offers a comprehensive range of bolting tools, torque wrench pumps, continuous-duty hydraulic pumps, nut splitters, flange pullers, bolt tensioners and bolting systems; as well as all the maintenance, repair and calibration services needed to support them. An SPX FLOW brand, SPX Bolting Systems always strives to deliver products with superior quality that are constructed to last. Each industrial product has been developed with the needs of the user as the primary consideration, so that it is completely optimized for the intended task and the application conditions it will face. All our products have the objective of boosting their user's work rate, allowing more to be done within the allocated time, and helping to mitigate the effects of fatigue, while also promoting safety.


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Holmatro Brochures

Hydraulic Cutters, Cat Cutters, Pumps & Jacking Equipment, Shipbuilding & Repair, Demolition, Air Bags, Nuclear Decommissioning Equipment.

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Iris-Mec Brochures

ELV / ATF Vehicle Depollution Equipment, Static and Tilting Car Rigs, Petrol & Diesel Fuel Drainage and Recovery Systems, Aluminium and Steel Wheel Crusher, Electronic Airbag Deployment Tool.

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Edilgrappa Brochures

Hydraulic and Electric Re-Bar Cutters and Benders, Wire Rope Cutters, Electric and Hydraulic Chain Cutters, Hydraulic and Electric Hole Punches, Hydraulic Cable Cutters, Hydraulic Nibblers, Hydraulic Concrete Crushers.


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