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Holmatro hydraulic equipment is often used underwater for cable cutting, chain cutting, wire rope cutting and other offshore applications including flange spreaders, nut cutters, bolt & stud tensioning, ship wedge jacks, propeller sets to 2000 Bar, pullers and zone 2 safe or explosion proof hydraulic pumps.

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Holmatro hydraulic cutters are used in the demolition and refurbishment of buildings and other structures. These can used in cutting out crittall window frames, steel frames and box section, removing hand rails, cable cutting & cable reclamation, and just about anywhere where hot cutting is not allowed.



Scrapheap web

Holmatro hydraulic cutters are used extensively in all types of recycling applications. These range from the removal of compressors from fridges to conform to the WEEE directive, to removing catalytic converters from End of Life Vehicles (ELV or ATF Sites).



Cat Cutter Set

Holmatro hydraulic cutters are used in ELV (End of life vehicle) or ATF (Authorised Treatment Facility) to assist in the de-pollution of end of life vehicles. The range cutters safely, cleanly and quickly remove catalytic converters without the use of hot cutting in a zone 2 environment. Larger models can also be used to cut engine mountings, door frames and door pillars, A and B Posts, hollow drive shafts Etc.



 Iris-Mec static rigs and hydraulic tilting rigs, fuel drainage systems, airbag deployment systems, wheel presses and storage systems.


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Holmatro hydraulic cutters are used extensively in the decommissioning of nuclear power plants where cutting power and reliability is of the utmost importance. The large range of standard hydraulic cutters up to 95 tonnes cutting capacity, covers most applications, but special designs and projects can be accommodated.


Wind Farm

Holmatro have developed and delivered many hydraulic cylinders for the creation of offshore wind parks such as Belwind in the North Sea off the Belgian coast, and the British projects Walney and London Array. These pump & cylinder & manifold sets, are used for Transistion Piece levelling, and carried out safely and accurately with the use of the manifold and gauge and trottle valve assemblies. For further information, please contact CIS Ltd.

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