Foundry Wedge

CIS Holmatro Foundry Wedges 2016

The Holmatro HFW hydraulic foundry wedge series has been developed to remove feeders and risers from castings and to eliminate this heavy and dangerous work from foundries. The design of the Holmatro foundry wedge is such that feeders and risers can be removed from castings much more quickly and safely, and with less effort than ever before, without damaging the casting itself.

During the design stage of the Holmatro® HFW foundry wedge, one of the aspects given emphasis by our engineers was the tool's ergonomics. They came up with a new concept: a tool that is able to rotate in every direction and under every angle! This means the operator can reach almost any feeder and riser without adjusting the position of the actual product, the casting. This obviously results in a more efficient production process. Last but not least, the ergonomic design also significantly reduces the physical burden on your work force.

The Holmatro HFW foundry wedge has received a prestigious Dutch design award. The "Stichting Goed Industrieel Ontwerp" (Foundation for Good Industrial Design) gave an award for good industrial design to the HFW. Apart from this "standard" acknowledgement, the Holmatro HFW was also one of only 5 products to receive a Special Award for Excellence! The tool's ergonomic and functional qualities received a special mention from the jury.

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